About us

  • What is WasteMarket.gr

    WasteMarket.gr is dreaming of becoming a knowledge portal about Recycling, Reuse, Composting and the Environment. We are devoted to the presentation and discussion of information on subjects that concern all of us.

  • Who does WasteMarket.gr reach

    We address to people of all ages and backgrounds and invite everyone to share our knowledge and opinions so that we become more interested in our big home, Earth.

  • Our team

    We are a group of active citizens in Greece, who want to help the planet and make it a better place. Especially for our children.

Contact us

  • Stratarchou Alexandrou Papagou 162 & Amarantou 3, Agios Dimitrios, 17343, Athens, Greece

  • 6985-888777

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